Interior Design

Furniture & decoration make or break a room – we will make them work in your home. For free.

Don't know how to furnish & decorate that one room? Together, we'll take care of that:

We create living and decoration concepts for our customers and implement them for you on site. Entirely free of charge if you have purchased your furniture and decoration from us. Of course, we can also integrate existing objects on request. Just get in touch with us:

This is how rooms become home:

The entire interior design service is free if you furnish with our furniture.

Finding your aesthetic, one sample at a time

Together, we talk about various examples, designs, wood and fabric samples – to find the right furniture for you. We will even visit your home and create a virtual interior view of the room if you wish to see what the finished room will look like! Feel free to bring dimensions and photos of your room.

Mixing, matching & adding that special something

As soon as you have fallen for one piece of furniture, we will find suitable additions – to match that style and your requirements and needs. We even recommend matching decorations! Everything fits your existing color concept or creates an entirely new one for you.

We also don't just use the pieces in our store – but also have a large base of decoration producers covering everything. Matching cushions, tableware or lamps: we'll find the right thing for you!

Nod in approval – and we’ll deliver

Step by step, we’ll envision the interior design of any room you want to furnish. Once you nod in final approval – or excitement! – we’ll get everything ready:

As soon as everything’s in our storage, we’ll deliver and set it up in a single day:
Ready to become home for you, one memory at a time.

Real rooms, turned into homes. 
Through our free interior design service.