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With our unique chairs, benches, armchairs and sofas, you will always sit uniquely well.
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Sit comfortably and uniquely


Our chairs have a solid wood interior construction and are crafted and upholstered by hand. We offer a wide range of designs, materials and colors to find the perfect chair in the perfect fabric and color for you.


A bench makes every table cozy and always offers space for another person. We offer benches in every conceivable shape. Whether straight, round, oval or corner bench, whether for the dining table or for a bar table, we have benches for every occasion. Design your unique bench with us.

Armchairs & Sofas

Want to sit comfortably on a handmade armchair or sofa that meets your exact requirements? Whether standard sizes or individual sizes, you can customize your armchair or sofa with us and find the perfect material and color for you.